Day: July 13, 2021

Freight SpecialistsFreight Specialists

Freight Specialists New Zealand offers many valuable services. The firm is able to provide specialized packing and shipping of goods to various locations. They offer a variety of services including packaging and shipping to domestic and international clients located in TSS Sensitive Freight New Zealand and internationally. Some of the services they offer are freight consolidation, insurance and customs brokering. They accept all modes of transport such as air freight, sea freight, land and road freight for goods that require special packaging or specialized shipping services. The specialized services that they offer to enable them to provide customers with a full range of options and thereby attract an extensive clientele base.

Handling Temperature Sensitive Freight With Ease

The Freight Specialists New Zealand specializes in freight forwarding and shipping. They have tie-ups and agreements with shipping companies to ensure timely delivery of consignments to their clients and to make sure that the clients do not face any kind of problem regarding shipment of freight. Freight Specialists are able to monitor and trace all the consignments that pass through their door and act fast to respond to any kind of emergency.

One of the specialties of Freight Specialists is that they ensure prompt dispatch of all shipments and to meet all the requirements related to custom brokering, carrier reporting, customs clearance and warehousing. This enables the clients to obtain the maximum possible advantage from their shipments. They also help their clients keep track of their consignments and shipments and provide timely updated billing and account details. Freight Specialists New Zealand is dedicated to meeting customer needs and provide a full range of freight services.

Business Name:TSS Sensitive Freight

Street Address: Unit B/6 Percival Gull Place, Māngere, Auckland 2022, New Zealand

Phone : +64 27 276 0584